Deena Bernstein, MHS

Vice President, Customer Success
Datacubed Health

Deena Bernstein has deep expertise in healthcare leadership and the clinical research industry. Her career spans over twenty years in clinical research site development, operations and digital technology for the clinical research industry. Deena is a passionate leader with an entrepreneurial spirit that cares deeply about improving the clinical trial experience and process for study participants. She thrives on innovation and is the VP of Customer Success at Datacubed Health where she is focused on delighting customers, participant engagement & retention, decentralized clinical trial models and clinical research as a care option. She looks as her role as the Ambassador to Happiness Deena’s has held leadership and executive roles at large Healthcare organizations, IQVIA (Fortune 500), IRO’s and Datacubed Health where she’s expanded her horizons by entering the mHealth space which uses behavioral science and Saas Technology to improve patient compliance and retention to increase data quality in clinical trials.

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