Technology Site Landscape

The SCRS team, supported by members of the site community, will share some insightful data pertaining to technology in clinical trials as we set the tone for the rest of the Summit. This new survey will focus solely on clinical trial technology use and provide insightful data surrounding technology implementation, management, training, understanding and more.

Site Collaboration & the Importance of Site Voices

It’s no secret that communication is key to all successful relationships. But just because it’s the key doesn’t mean we know how to use its power. In this session, we will discuss collaboration and why it is critical to advancing clinical research. Learn how sites can amplify their voices, when and why sites need to be heard, […]

Sites of the Future: How to Be Technology-Forward

Laying a solid foundation is important when building toward the digital future. As sites navigate technology changes and advancements within the industry, they are having to make important decisions about what solutions to adopt and how. This session will answer important questions sites have when adopting new technology and help them navigate where they are […]

The Foundation is Collaboration: Enabling Sites & Patients

So much is happening to advance technology in clinical trials, but it’s important to understand what is being done to work together to raise all boats. How can we assure the success of all involved, including our patients? This multi-stakeholder panel will discuss how sponsors and CROs are approaching technology with sites and patients in […]

Implementation & Integration: The Essential Intersection of Technology

Technology integration and implementation remain challenging for many sites. This session will cover key considerations for technology adoption from identifying the right solutions to managing change and training staff. Join us as we explore the crucial role of technology implementation and discuss how to maximize your site’s efficiency while minimizing disruption and overcoming potential barriers […]